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How I can use your barcode online decoder?

You can decode Data Matrix, QR Code, PDF417, and 1D barcodes for free after  mouse click on “Online Barcode Decoder”  at top-left corner of every page.

When/where the use of your software is mostly beneficial?

  • If you develop the application for Windows | Linux | Embedded | Mobile platforms, which has to recognize and decode the Matrix (2D) or Linear (1D) barcodes.
  • If your application has challenging requirements such as:  decoding multiple barcodes within an image, calculating symbol's print quality, supporting Direct Part Marking (DPM) decoding, etc.

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What is the requirement (if any) for a size of the Quiet Zone in your QR Code decoding algorithm?

ISO/IEC 18004 standard defines Quiet Zone as a region which shall be free of all other markings, surrounding the symbol on all four sides. Its nominal reflectance value shall be equal to that of the light modules.

For QR Code symbols its width shall be 4X.

For Micro QR Code symbols its width shall be 2X,

where X is the size of the single module.

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When upgrading from our libraries older than January 1, 2012 will I be required to re-compile our software/code with the new library?

We have changed the structure of the DLL for Data Matrix libraries only, so you will need to recompile your code if you have been using icDMatrix-ST or icDMatrix-PRO decoding products. No recompiling required for other libraries.

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