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Algiz RT8 - IP67 Rugged Android Tablet PC

Elegant, expandable, ultra-rugged and powerful 8-inch Android 11 Algiz RT8 tablet designed for work in demanding environments. Size and weight alone mean that this computer can go places where larger systems aren't practical. It features multiple connectivity options and a wide range of functionality, including data collection capabilities.

Product advantages:

PERFORMANCE - based on a 2.0 GHz Qualcomm 625 MSM8953 "Snapdragon” 8-Core processor, with 4 GB / 16 GB RAM & Storage, the Algiz RT8 supports all the features that matter in this class of tablet.

RUGGEDNESS - Algiz RT8 carries IP67 sealing and it also passed the MIL-STD-810G military standards for protecting against dust, water, vibrations, drops, and wide operating temperature range from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

8-INCH DISPLAY (1920x1200) capacitive multi-touch (10 points), sunlight readable with glove/rain mode and Corning® Gorilla® Glass is perfect for field professionals - so collecting data in bright sunlight is just as easy as reviewing it indoors

DATA COLLECTION is easy and intuitive with this Algiz RT8 tablet, thanks to the built-in 13-megapixel camera with LED flash and several connectivity options. It may also have optional Barcode Decoder with Scan Wedge capabilities utilizing rare-view camera, which extends Algiz RT8 usefulness to Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain systems and warehousing.

WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY - LTE compatibility keeps your team connected without lag time, anywhere you go. And the Algiz RT8 houses NFC functionality, an integrated stand-alone u-blox GPS receiver, accelerometer, gyroscope and eCompass. Stay wired through waterproof physical ports, connect via BT and NFC, or use the docking station which gives you extended I/O capabilities such as HDMI, Ethernet, and more.

The winning combination of ruggedness and portability makes the Algiz 8 perfect for industries such as homeland security, public safety, field service, GIS/mapping, logistics, railways, telecommunications, energy, law enforcement, military, warehousing - just about anything.

Add-on / Upgrade options by 2DTG:

  • Barcode Decoder (including DPM/Dot Peen capabilities)
  • Brand Protection and anti-counterfeiting:  Data Matrix Authentication and/or Encryption

To add Barcode Decoding/Protection capabilities:

  • Add Barcode Decoder / Protection SDK to your shopping cart - unit will be delivered with the software installed and licensed, or
  • If you already have Algiz RT8 – just purchase the license you need from accessory page.

Order products

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Algiz RT8 - RT8-RF1-A00 | Handheld Group IP67 Android tablet PC

4G/Global, BT,WLAN, camera, NFC, GPS, battery


DPM / Dot Peen Decoder & Security upgrades - 2DTG

SKU Description Sell price Add to cart

DPM / Dot Peen Decoder for Nautiz handhelds and Algiz RT8


Data Matrix Security Decoder for Nautiz handhelds and Algiz RT8


Vehicle Dock

SKU Description Sell price Add to cart

Algiz RT8 Vehicle dock 12V-24V


Hard-wire installation kit for vehicle cradle, 12-24V


Memory Cards

SKU Description Sell price Add to cart

16 Gbytes Micro-SDHC, with SD Adapter


32 Gbytes Micro-SDHC, with SD Adapter


64 Gbytes Micro-SDXC, with SD Adapter


128 Gbytes Micro-SDXC, with SD Adapter



SKU Description Sell price Add to cart

Algiz RT8 Battery (3.8V, 8200 mAh, 31.16Wh)



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Algiz RT8 AC-adapter, type-C w/ power plugs EU, US, UK, AU


Car charger w/ quick charge, USB Type-C, 12-24V


Algiz RT8 two slot battery charger. EU/US cable included


Algiz RT8 Desktop dock



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Algiz RT8 Copter® screen protector


Algiz RT8 Carry case with belt clip


Algiz RT8 shoulder carrier


Algiz RT8 Carry case with neck strap


Carry case with shoulder strap


Algiz RT8 Hand strap


Algiz RT8 Rotating hand strap


Active stylus pen, rechargeable via micro-USB


Max Care-Standard

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MaxCare Standard, 3 Year coverage


MaxCare Standard, 5 Year coverage


Max Care-All Inclusive

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MaxCare All Inclusive, 3 Year coverage


MaxCare All Inclusive, 5 Year coverage


Max Care-Extension

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MaxCare Standard, 1 Year extension


MaxCare All Inclusive, 1 Year extension

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