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Quiet Zone

What is the requirement (if any) for a size of the Quiet Zone in your QR Code decoding algorithm?

ISO/IEC 18004 standard defines Quiet Zone as a region which shall be free of all other markings, surrounding the symbol on all four sides. Its nominal reflectance value shall be equal to that of the light modules.

For QR Code symbols its width shall be 4X.

For Micro QR Code symbols its width shall be 2X,

where X is the size of the single module.

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We tried both your Online Decoder and C++ Demo of the Data Matrix Decoding library (Enterprise Edition). We found that your Online Decoder recognized our input but the SDK did not. Are we missing something?

The ISO 16022 Standard requires so called Quiet Zone around the Data Matrix symbol. The width of this zone shall not be less than 2 Matrix module (cell) size.

In Online Decoder we “artificially” reconstruct Quiet Zone around the submitted symbol (about 20 pixels wide at each side) to ensure compliance with the ISO Standard. That is why our decoder was able to decode submitted symbols, which actually have no Quiet Zone around themselves.

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Data Matrix SDK
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