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QR Code Decoding SDK - Dongle

QR Code Decoding SDK - Dongle
         NEW! QR Code decoding library v.20.10 - major algorithm enhancement - Dot Peen decoding

2DTG offers industrial grade QR Code decoding software on USB Dongle key (HASP® HL PRO by SafeNet, Inc.). Unlike RTL license, Dongle license is not tied to a particular computer - the software can be used on any PC to which the Sentinel HL key is connected. It does not require an Internet connection to activate the software.

QR Code Decoding library / SDK Specifications and Benefits:

  • QR Code Decoding library includes Micro QR decoder
  • QR Code decoder can read symbols containing text in Kanji and Kana
  • Provides for Quality Parameters assessment in accordance with ISO 15415 along with the results of QR Code decoding
  • Provides for multiple QR Code decoding - up to 10 QR Codes and/or Micro QR Codes may be decoded within one image
  • Inverse Colors (“black-on-white” or “white-on-black”) may be pre-set before QR Code decoding
  • Provides for reduced QR Code Quiet Zone size (down to 1 module size) to improve decode efficiency (ISO standard requires 4 modules)
  • Incorporates built-in sharpening (pre-processing) filter for low-contrast QR Code images submitted for decoding
  • 2DTG's industrial grade QR Code decoding algorithm proved to be effective on low modulation or blurred QR code images and on symbols with damaged borders, perspective and different geometric distortions
  • QR Code decoding algorithm provides for omni-directional QR code recognition and some compensation for uneven illumination
  • QR Code Decoding library have already been or may be ported per customer request to multiple Embedded platforms (TI, ARM, Power PC, MIPS, etc.) and IDE (GCC, Code Composer Studio (CCS), IAR Embedded Workbench, Tornado, Montavista, MULTI (Green Hills), VisualDSP++, Cross Core Embedded Studio, etc.)
  • Input parameter of the QRCode decoding software is a two-dimensional array of bytes which correspond to the gray scale brightness of pixels. (Our Demo Application includes the source code of "BMP convertor" into 2D array)

Price Models:

Enterprise B2B, internal corporate distribution
– low volume model
Available from On-line Store!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for quantity discounts

Network Licensing and Terminal Services

Terminal Services are not supported by our regular, "single instance licensed library". Running library over the network requires network license, which is not bound to any particular workstation on the network, but rather to the network itself. 2DTG offers network licenses both for RTL and Dongles providing the ability to host multiple, simultaneous client sessions. Activating / deploying the DLL on one instance (either workstation or server - “seat”) will enable all seats (up to the total number of purchased network licenses) to have access.

For Network license on Dongle,

  • select network option you need at the time of order, or
  • purchase network upgrade (if you have already acquired dongle license from us before).