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Data Matrix Decoding SDK – Dongle

Data Matrix Decoding - Dongle

2DTG offers Data Matrix Decoding SDK on USB Dongle key (HASP® HL PRO by SafeNet, Inc.) interfaced to Windows 32/64 (XP … 10) and Linux 32/64 and recommended for industrial grade applications. Unlike RTL license, Dongle license is not tied to a particular computer - the software can be used on any PC to which the Sentinel HL key is connected. It does not require an Internet connection to activate the software.

Data Matrix Decoder / Reader Specifications:

  • Data Matrix decoding library meets all requirements of ISO/IES 16022, 15415
  • Provides for DPM (including Dot Peen) Data Matrix decoding in accordance with ISO/IEC 29158-2011 DPM Quality Guideline
  • Provides for Quality Parameters assessment in accordance with ISO 15415 along with Data Matrix decoding 
  • Provides for application specific speed/robustness selection for Data Matrix decoder / reader:
    • Regular Mode – for most (including DPM) images - combines high success decode rate with high speed;
    • Ultimate – for the particularly challenging images (increases success decode rate by ~ 7-10%, but decode time may also increase by 25-30%);
    • Express Mode - high speed decoding (~50% faster than Regular mode, but decode rate might be ~10 lower) - for the applications where decoding time is critical and image quality is reasonably good
  • Incorporates built-in pre-processing filters for particularly challenging Data Matrix images submitted for decoding
    • Sharpening Filters, recommended for low contrast and blurred images, including Adaptive (Auto) Filter, Musk Filter, and Sharp1, Sharp2 iterative filters;
    • BWR Filter, compensating for size irregularities in Data Matrix cells
  • Multiple Data Matrix decoding  - up to 400 symbols within one image
  • Optional settings allow for inverse (white-on-black image) color Data Matrix decoding and a “mirrored” Data Matrix symbol decoding
  • Data Matrix Decoder / Reader accurately decodes Data Matrix symbols with border destruction of up to 15%+
  • Data Matrix decoding algorithm ensures omnidirectional decoding of symbols having perspective distortions in the range of [-60 .. +60] degrees from the upright scan direction and “reads” Data Matrix symbols with minimum module size as low as 2x2 pixels (“regular” industry requirement - min. 4x4 pixels)
  • Data Matrix Decoder / Reader  has been ported / interfaced to a multiple Embedded platforms (TI, ARM, Power PC, MIPS, etc.) and IDEs (GCC, Code Composer Studio (CCS), IAR Embedded Workbench, Tornado, Montavista, MULTI (Green Hills), VisualDSP++, Cross Core Embedded Studio, etc.), as well as Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
  • Input parameter of the decoding software is a two-dimensional array of bytes which correspond to the gray scale brightness of pixels. (Demo application includes the source code of "BMP convertor" into 2D array).

Price Models:

Enterprise B2B, internal corporate distribution
– low volume model
Available from On-line Store!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for quantity discounts

Network Licensing and Terminal Services

Terminal Services are not supported in our regular, "single licensed library" system. Running library over the network requires network license, which is not bound to any particular workstation on the network, but rather to the network itself. 2DTG offers network licenses both for RTL and Dongles providing the ability to host multiple, simultaneous client sessions. Activating / deploying the DLL on one instance (either workstation or server - “seat”) will enable all seats (up to the total number of purchased network licenses) to have access.