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All-in-1 Barcode Decoding SDK – RTL

All-in-1 Barcode Decoding SDK – RTL

2DTG offers Barcode Decoding SDK that combines all 2DTG’s libraries in one package. The symbologies can be auto-selected by the Decoding Library or selected manually prior to decoding from the Settings Menu (to speed up decoding process).

The following barcode decoding libraries are included into the package:

Library features are the same as for the full Windows versions. They are described in detail in the corresponding User’s Guides

The library can be used on any Windows v. 7-10/32&64, Linux 32&64 or Embedded platform.

Its GS1 compliant - returns Symbology Identifier that can be used by GS1 users when building their applications (Data Matrix, QR Code and 1D symbologies only).

Data Matrix decoder includes “Dot Peen capabilities” extending its use to DPM (Direct Part Making) area.

All-in-1 Barcode Decoding - User's Guide - Windows,  Rev. 02/19 Licensing / Evaluation Guideline, Rev.06/18

Licensing Note:

RTL license for this library is the same for Windows 32/64 and Linux 64. If you want to purchase it for different OS and need to track your license usage via our "back office" for each OS, please, place licenses, corresponding to different OS, into separate orders. Otherwise, indicate total number of licenses in your Order regardless of OS.