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We have a customer deploying via Citrix/Remote Desktop and they are running into issues. Is this blocked in your library?

Running library over the network requires network license. We do not sell it through the WEB-site’s e-store because this license normally includes the number of allowed users in the network, though the unlimited network license might be also available.

Network licensing is only supported when running the protected library over the network; this will not work with the application running locally and vice versa.

The application calling our library will need to be installed to a network share and all workstations will need to have read/write/execute permissions. Ask your network administrator how to set up a file server, network share, and the necessary permissions.

Activating the library from one workstation will enable all workstations to have access. If the library will need to be run locally on the server, you will have to activate the application a second time from the server.

Contact Customer Support to request network license.

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License Activation