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We are experiencing difficulties in decoding some of the "good looking" Data Matrix images utilizing your Plugin, while the system decoder seems easily handles them. Any ideas?

The image represents the old Data Matrix standard ECC 000 – 140, which is not supported by 2DTG. It differs from ECC 200 (ISO/IEC 16022) – supported by 2DTG - by error correction mechanism. All symbols utilizing the ECC 000 through 140 error correction can be recognized by the upper right corner module being the inverse of the background color.

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DPM Plug-in

Your DPM plugin for Honeywell Adaptus engine is interesting, but I could not read a code with Xenon 1902HD that was etched in a surgical instrument. The size of the Data Matrix code (16 x 16 square) was 2.5 x 2.5 mm.

Xenon 1900/1902HD resolution for Data Matrix barcode is 5 mil (0.127 mm). However, this is a “passport data” for a general purpose scanner, measured when reading an almost ideal “paper labels” – Data Matrix symbols printed onto a white paper.

For DPM samples the resolution might be not as high as for the “ideal labels” – even if the print quality is very good, the surface/substrate, on which the symbol is planted, affect the image quality in most cases.

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DPM Plug-in

When/where the use of your software is mostly beneficial?

  • If you develop the application for Windows | Linux | Embedded | Mobile platforms, which has to recognize and decode the Matrix (2D) or Linear (1D) barcodes.
  • If your application has challenging requirements such as:  decoding multiple barcodes within an image, calculating symbol's print quality, supporting Direct Part Marking (DPM) decoding, etc.

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