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Barcode Security Suite

The total global economic and social impacts of counterfeit and pirated products more than double since 2008, due in part to rapid increases in physical counterfeiting and piracy. This trend has driven strong demand for the new effective technologies ensuring brand protection and product integrity and providing  inexpensive integration with the existing Track and Trace systems.

To address this challenge, 2DTG has developed a comprehensive strategy and introduced cost effective solution for Brand Protection, based on its Data Matrix Decoding/Encoding software and patented Barcode Authentication technology.

Data Matrix Protection/Security Suite (DMPS) represents two prime components of this strategy:

Authentication     and/or     Encryption

It consists of two separate SDKs:

  • DMPS_E - Encoding library and Demo applications (interfaced to Windows 32/64 (XP, …, 10)) - has a proprietary built-in mechanism allowing to enable Data Matrix Authentication and to encrypt it, if required, in addition to the regular data encoding, and  
  • DMPS_D - Decoding library and Demo applications - checks barcode for authenticity while extracting the encoded information after symbol decryption; interfaced to Windows 32/64 (XP, …, 10), Linux 32/64,  Android 4.x and higher, embedded platforms, designed for industrial grade applications.

Depending on a project, the programs can be used either together or separately. In a “Track and Trace” system, for example, the encoding software can be used at “manufacturing end” and the decoding software – at the “receiving end”.

Trial versions of the DMPS_E Encoder and DMPS_D Decoder downloadable from this page are fully functional but limited to 30 days after the first run.

Price Models:

OEM Enterprise B2B
– high volume model
As low as $3.30 per license!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for detail
Enterprise B2B, internal corporate distribution
– low volume model
Available from On-line Store!
Contact 2DTG Sales office for quantity discounts


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Barcode Security - Encoding $149.95
Barcode Security - Decoding $299.95


  • Combines barcode traceability and barcode security features in a single Data Matrix symbol, thus providing authentication and encryption in addition to serialization
  • "Natural extension" for Track and Trace systems - from tracking an individual product to product authentication.
  • Low (or “0”) impact on Product Price:
    • NO set-up fee for authentication/encryption build-up
    • NO special readers required for authentication
    • NO impact on manufacturing process: NO additional equipment necessary to apply the authentication during the manufacturing process
  • "Double layer" product/document protection combining the use of authentication and/or encryption technologies to provide a deterrent solution to counterfeiting
  • Enabling authentication feature to protected Data Matrix does not really change how it looks, making it difficult for counterfeiters even to suspect that the symbol might be protected  
  • Suitable for embedded platforms allowing product authentication “at the receiving deck" or POS - reducing time and cost
  • Interfaced to Android 4.x and higher -  providing convinient tool that works with any Android smartphone or Tablet PC
  • Adapted to Honeywell Xenon 1900/1902, Vuquest3320g and Dolphin family platforms - list can be extended per customer request.