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Diffusion & Magnification

SKU: 18-LDS4X0408FG
DPM Adapter - an optical addition to the Xenon 1900/1902 scanner

This DPM Adapter combines diffused illumination with the buit-in magnifying lens, which makes it very efficient for reading very smal DPM Marks (3-5 mils). Though the DPM Adapter is designed for SR/ER versions it performs well for the HD version, as well. Reading technique for the “Scanner + Adapter” requires Adapter to be put in contact with the sample. 

Xenon 1900/1902GER with DPM Adapter demonstrates reliable decoding of very small Data Matrix symbols that have module size as small as 2.8 mils ("paper" labels), thus increasing effective resolution of the scanner by 2-3 times:

Sample Description Image captured by
 regular camera Xenon 1900ER Xenon 1900ER + 18-LDS4X0408FG Adapter
AMD Chip – Laser etched mark, 19 characters, 2x2 mm, 18x18 modules, module size - 4.4 mil

Dot Peen on black plastic, 12 numbers, 3x3 mm, 14x14 modules, module size - 8.4 mil

DPM reading requires 2DTG's DPM Decoder/Plugin for most of the DPM (particularly Dot Peen) marks that can be purchased as an optional product from this page (recommended). Xenon 1900/1902 scanners can be purchased from here.