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What industries use 2DTG’s software mostly?

2DTG is a preferred supplier of 2D-Symbology and barcode recognition software for major companies in more than 20 countries around the world. Those are companies that require top notch software for their equipment operating in challenging environment like, for example, DPM applications. 2DTG’s software is effectively used in machine vision industry, biomedical and automotive industries, aerospace, electronics, etc.

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Are your Data Matrix libraries compatible with Linux 2.4?

Our libraries are built under Linux 2.6. In general, they are backward compatible with Linux 2.4. However, minor adjustments might be needed.

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Data Matrix SDK
  • QR Code decoding library decodes symbols containing text in Kanji and Kana
  • Multiple QR and Micro QR code decoding - up to 10 symbols per scan
  • Decodes QR bar codes with reduced Quiet Zone size (down to 1 module size)
  • QR Code decoding library provides for ISO/IEC 15415 Quality Parameters assessment


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