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2DTG Unveils DPM Upgrade to Honeywell's Xenon™ 1900/1902 and Vuquest™ 3310g Area-Imaging Scanners

Tue, 2012-04-24



2D Technology Group (2DTG) Unveils DPM Upgrade to Honeywell Scanning & Mobility General Purpose Xenon™ 1900/1902 and Vuquest™ 3310g Area-Imaging Scanners

Powerful and compact area-imaging scanners offer superior performance for DPM applications with industry-leading Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 6.0 by Honeywell and DPM Decoder/Plugin by 2DTG.

2DTG Unveils DPM Upgrade to Honeywell's Xenon™ 1900/1902 and Vuquest™ 3310g Area-Imaging Scanners

Your DPM plugin for Honeywell Adaptus engine is interesting, but I could not read a code with Xenon 1902HD that was etched in a surgical instrument. The size of the Data Matrix code (16 x 16 square) was 2.5 x 2.5 mm.

Xenon 1900/1902HD resolution for Data Matrix barcode is 5 mil (0.127 mm). However, this is a “passport data” for a general purpose scanner, measured when reading an almost ideal “paper labels” – Data Matrix symbols printed onto a white paper.

For DPM samples the resolution might be not as high as for the “ideal labels” – even if the print quality is very good, the surface/substrate, on which the symbol is planted, affect the image quality in most cases.

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DPM Plug-in

When/where the use of your software is mostly beneficial?

  • If you develop the application for Windows | Linux | Embedded | Mobile platforms, which has to recognize and decode the Matrix (2D) or Linear (1D) barcodes.
  • If your application has challenging requirements such as:  decoding multiple barcodes within an image, calculating symbol's print quality, supporting Direct Part Marking (DPM) decoding, etc.

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What is the requirement (if any) for a size of the Quiet Zone in your QR Code decoding algorithm?

ISO/IEC 18004 standard defines Quiet Zone as a region which shall be free of all other markings, surrounding the symbol on all four sides. Its nominal reflectance value shall be equal to that of the light modules.

For QR Code symbols its width shall be 4X.

For Micro QR Code symbols its width shall be 2X,

where X is the size of the single module.

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It seems that HASP Dongle Key prevents using your library in the Debug mode. But without debugging I can not check if my application works correctly with your library. What can be done about that?

The reason for the issue is because of the Dongle Key protecting the library. In order for us to allow debugging with the key would jeapordize the security of the software.

We suggest the following:

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Dongle Keys

We have a customer deploying via Citrix/Remote Desktop and they are running into issues. Is this blocked in your library?

Running library over the network requires network license. We do not sell it through the WEB-site’s e-store because this license normally includes the number of allowed users in the network, though the unlimited network license might be also available.

Network licensing is only supported when running the protected library over the network; this will not work with the application running locally and vice versa.

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License Activation

I've tried your Windows CE Kit for Data Matrix. But when I try to load an image, the following warning comes out: “Image to large”. What is the maximum image size allowed?

The maximum allowed image size is 680x680 pixels (this is library restriction). In application it might be restricted even further.

The only reason for having this restriction is a processing power of the device. Even for this relatively small image it might take up to 300 ms (depending upon device, of course). If decoding time is not an issue for you, we can increase the size and recompile the library, as you wish.

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Mobile Platform

Do you have a Data Matrix decoding demo application for WinCe 5.0?

Yes, 2DTG offers Demo application for WinCe 5.0 with Data Matrix decoding library (Standard Edition, Version 11.04). The size of the image in this demo library is limited to 1280 pixels.

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Mobile Platform

We are migrating an old project from Windows XP to WIN 7. We have used Data Matrix Decoding SDK and HASP dongle key in that project. Will this dongle driver be compatible with WIN 7?

For migration of dongles on hand from Windows XP to WIN 7:

The HASP HL PRO Keys are compatible with Windows 7, in general. However, driver update is required. Runtime & Drivers download link is here.

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Dongle Keys

Can your Decoding libraries to decode barcodes both from a file and from a data stream, so we do not need to save camera images to files?

Yes, it's one of the decoding options.

Our SDKs are designed to process 2D arrays, which have to be passed into decoding procedure as parameter. No matter what is the source - the application must prepare array and call decoding function.

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Data Matrix SDK
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