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Honeywell, Software, EASYGS1 License Key for Xenon, Vuquest and Voyager Scanners – for parsing Application Identifier found in GS1 barcodes


EasyParse for GS1

  • Facilitates compliance with GS1 Sunrise initiatives—including GS1 Sunrise 2010, 2012 GTIN Sunrise, and GS1 Sunrise 2014— by configuring EasyParse for GS1to recognize the application identifiers found in select bar code symbologies
  • Improves operations by allowing host systems to correctly capture the data encoded in select bar code symbologies through use of available application identifiers
  • Eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming modifications to the host system
  • Compatible with Xenon 1900, Xenon 1902, Vuquest 3310g, Voyager 1400g, Voyager 1450g/1452g, Voyager 1602g and N5600

Honeywell Handhelds compatible with 2DTG's DPM/DMPS DataMatrix Plugins

Xenon 1950/1952 Granit Scanners Vuquest3320g Voyager 1400g Voyager 1470g/1472g Voyager 1602g N56XX engine