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Decode Barcode

Online Decoder is for demonstration purposes ONLY!

Performance testing with the Online Decoder is not recommended.
All performance testing should be conducted with current evaluation libraries.
Upon evaluation library testing, 2DTG's technical staff will be glad to assist you further.

Please, choose your grayscale BMP-file.
Please, choose type of barcode.

Sample barcode:


Decoded data ==================>
The large matrix sample.

int DecodeBitsF (
int rowcount,
int colcount,
TRow* pbits

This function decodes the bar code on the scanned grayscale image and calculates the bar code parameters that can be inspected by another DLL functions.

Specifies the number of rows in the image.
Specifies the number of columns.
Points to an array pbits[0], pbits[1], ..., of pointers to bitmap lines. The lines are to be obtained by ScanLine function (see Borland VCL), or by GetDIBits function (Windows API) if the image has been loaded from the BMP file.
The image must be scanned in a grayscale palette.
Return Value
The return value is an error count. The negative value means that no acceptable ECC200 Data Matrix has been found in the bitmap. Otherwise the number of Reed-Solomon errors in actually decoded Data Matrix is returned. In this case decoding is considered to be successful.

Square 104 x 104 .

Label corners: ( 72, 157), ( 470, 169), ( 455, 554), ( 61, 542),
Data Matrix Dimensions : 104 * 104
vert. & horiz. print growths = -0.84, -0.74

axial_nonuniformity (grade) = 0.03 (4)
grid_nonuniformity (grade) = 0.08 (4)
symbol_contrast (grade) = 79.00% (4)
unused_error_corr. (grade) = 0.96 (4)
fixed_patt_damage. (grade) = 3.00 (0)
quiet_zone_damage. (grade) = 0.00 (4)
(modulation grade) = (2)
(decode grade) = (4)
(overall grade) = (0)