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Online Decoder is for demonstration purposes ONLY!

Performance testing with the Online Decoder is not recommended.
All performance testing should be conducted with current evaluation libraries.
Upon evaluation library testing, 2DTG's technical staff will be glad to assist you further.

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Decoded data ==================>
Maximum matrix sample.

The Research and Production Center Intelcom was founded in February, 1992 to solve high-tech tasks for the space industry of Russia. The main activity direction at that time was software for space information (received from a satellite) processing. Later we became involved in database designing upon customers' request, information technology development, system integration.

By present Intelcom has grown considerably and turned into a group of companies which solve together tasks of complex informatization of various organizations, industrial enterprises and governmental institutions. Sufficient production basis has been accumulated to successfully realize the architectural vertical line of corporative information systems from cable networking to software complexes for business processes management and representation of space vehicle launching parameters.

As for leading-edge technologies, we are developing software for encoding, capture and decoding two-dimensional bar codes as well as the intellectual system for building and processing database logical queries.

The fact that we use the most up-to-date equipment allows us to create local and distributed computer networks, communication and telecommunication systems that at most satisfy requirements of our customers. The high level and quality are proved by the fact that for many years we have been an official provider of equipment and a system integrator of the Russian Aerospace Agency. We have accreditation as well to develop and implement information systems and to supply Moscow region governmental institutions under the Ministry of Economics of Moscow region with hardware and software.

Intelcom has successfully realized many projects. Among them there is development of a data-processing complex for satellite communication system Mission Control Center, implementation of corporative information systems (ERP-systems) at a number of large industrial enterprises, creation of communication and telecommunication infrastructure of the Russian Aerospace Agency.

Square 144 x 144 .

Label corners: ( 346, 336), ( 57, 345), ( 47, 58), ( 336, 49),
Data Matrix Dimensions : 144 * 144
vert. & horiz. print growths = 0.02, 0.78

axial_nonuniformity (grade) = 0.00 (4)
grid_nonuniformity (grade) = 0.01 (4)
symbol_contrast (grade) = 96.00% (4)
unused_error_corr. (grade) = 0.68 (4)
fixed_patt_damage. (grade) = 2.80 (0)
quiet_zone_damage. (grade) = 0.00 (4)
(modulation grade) = (0)
(decode grade) = (4)
(overall grade) = (0)