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LDS 1900 - UV Upgrade to Xenon 1900 Scanner

Xenon 1900 based LDS 1900 Scanner

Powered socket Xenon 1900HD with UV (375 nm) illumination and USB cable

LDS 1900 unit is based on well-known Honeywell’s Xenon 1900 handheld scanner. It has the capability to see and decode invisible barcodes and capture invisible images due to Light Delivery System, developed by InData Systems for reading and decoding Ultra-Violet (UV) fluorescing barcodes. The unit is provided in an interchangeable version.

The optical part of the scanner is customized into one of the wavelength configurations to read ‘invisible’ marks with any of the covert marking technologies. Covert marks can only be read under special situations, but the bulkiness and non-portability has restricted their widespread usage until now.

Base unit version (Xenon 1900HD – High Density) comes with the 375nm Ultra-Violet lighting – receptive to Blue/Green/Yellow or Red fluoresces. But lighting options with different UV (or IR - infrared) wavelengths are available, as well, and can be arranged per customer request, depending on the ink supplier and background media, to optimize reading performance.  

LDS 1900 with DM Protection Plugin provides excellent, cost effective solution for your product/document “Authentication - Encryption – Validation”.

How to Buy:

                    Base Solution:

  • “Add to cart” Base Unit (Xenon 1900 + 375nm UV lighting)
  • Purchase Barcode Protection Plugin (includes DPM/Dot Peen decoding) to upgrade covert mark reading with Authentication/Encryption,

OR    Order Custom Product:

  • Choose configuration/SKU# for the Xenon 1900 scanner, you need.
  • Select Lighting option for your customized Light Delivery System matching your project requirements.
  • Purchase Barcode Protection Plugin (includes DPM/Dot Peen decoding) to upgrade covert mark reading with Authentication/Encryption.
  • Send us “Order custom product“ memo: SKU# and fluorescing ink wavelength.

Your Scanner will be custom built for you within 1-2 weeks, including installation and licensing of DM Protection Plugin


UV / IR Illumination - optional assemblies

SKU Description Sell price Add to cart

Interchangeable Illumination Assembly for Xenon 1900/1902 Powered socket scanners


UV/Red-IR/IR Self-contained Illumination Assembly for LDS 6500 Powered socket Portable Terminal


UV/Red-IR/IR Interchangeable Illumination Assembly for LDS 6500 Powered socket Portable Terminal