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Fluorescent UV / IR Scanners

2DTG offers UV (Ultra-Violet) and IR (Infrared) scanners as an integral part of Barcode Protection strategy, supplementing content security - Barcode Security Suite – with safeguarding the label from direct copying.

UV (or IR) printed barcodes have become a popular method of adding security marks to products and documents. The Ultra Violet illumination and enhanced optics are able to see the 'invisible' barcode marks printed with UV fluorescing inks. Fluorescence occurs when the absorbed radiation is in the ultra-violet region of the spectrum, and thus invisible to the human eye, while the emitted light is in the visible region, which gives the fluorescent substance a distinct color that can only be seen when exposed to UV light.

Fluorescent technology in barcode printing provides their comprehensive protection from direct coping (using copy-machine, for instance) and that is why this method is particularly popular with government agencies, pharmaceutical industry, any agency in need of protecting documents from copying and tampering. It does not protect the content of the barcode, though. That is why the combination of 2DTG’s authentication/encryption methods with fluorescent technology provides the best overall protection for your brand/product/ document: “Authentication - Encryption – Validation”.

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LDS 1950 - UV Upgrade to Xenon 1950 Scanner

Corded Xenon 1950 High Density reader - LDS 1950 - with UV (375 nm) illumination and USB interface cable

LDS 1952 - UV Upgrade to Xenon 1952 Scanner

Corded Xenon 1952 High Density reader - LDS 1952 - with UV (375 nm) illumination and USB interface cable


Software Upgrades

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DPM / Dot Peen Plugin for Xenon 1950/1952, Vuquest3320g, Granit 1910i/1911i, N5600


Data Matrix Protection Plugin for Xenon 1950/1952, Vuquest3320g, Granit 1910i/1911i, N5600, Voyager 14xxg & 1602g


Several major companies are now printing bar coded batch and lot control information on their products with this invisible ink to provide an indicator that the product is a legitimate one. If the data contained in the barcode mark are further authenticated using 2DTG’s protection technology, you can be assured that the item is legitimate, as well as not black market distribution, when the data is sent back to the manufacturer from the distribution channel.

Printing is accomplished by various non-impact printing and thermal transfer processes that allow easily read marks (most frequently a compact bar code type called “Data Matrix”), to be applied with invisible ink precision dye or taggent based printing supplies. Without a simplified bar code reader that allows reading of these covert marks, it would not be possible to “close the loop” on authentication.