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2DTG validates its DPM Reader for the use on Honeywell Granit 1910i Industrial-Grade Area-Imaging Scanner

Wed, 2013-03-06

DPM Reader is a software program (Plugin) based on Data Matrix decoding software, developed by 2DTG specifically for Direct Part Marking (DPM), including Dot Peen, applications.

Honeywell Granit 1910i industrial scanner is designed to withstand the varied demands that exist in harsh working environments. Featuring a custom built housing that is redefining the standard for scanner reliability, the IP65 rated 1910i is built to survive 5,000 3.3´(1 m) tumbles and 50 drops to concrete from 6.5´ (2 m) even at -22°F (-30°C). As a result, businesses deploying this industry leading offering can expect to experience minimal device downtime and a lower overall cost of ownership.

DPM Reader extends the capabilities of the Imager to DPM area. The product has been qualified by the Honeywell Scanning & Mobility for the use on this platform. 2DTG is the Honeywell Total FreedomTM Certified Develope

Validation included three components:

  1. Uploading DPM Plugin to the Imager and validating its basic functionality.
  2. Licensing Plugin utilizing the procedure linking it to the Imager’s Serial number.
  3. Evaluating imager’s DPM Performance.

Granit 1910i, upgraded with DPM Reader, demonstrates very good DPM performance. Success Decode Rate is the same as for the Xenon 1900 ("Extended Range" version) with DPM Plugin.

However, it should be noted that Granit 1910i comes (for now) only as “Extended Range” version. According to the specs, its resolution is 7.5 mils on Data Matrix samples (printed on paper). For DPM samples, however, its “effective” resolution is lower - only about 12-13 mils. This should be taken into account when considering this imager for one or another application.