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2DTG unveils Upgrade to its DataMatrix Decoder, Enterprise Edition – Release 13.01

Mon, 2013-01-21

This release introduces the new image pre-processing filter - “BWR Filter” for DataMatrix decoding. It is designed to compensate for the printing problems of some Data Matrix barcodes, having substantial irregularities in the printed alternating pattern and/or module size (deviation of actual element size from intended element size, which is called "Print Growth"). It is designed for "Black-on-White" images only.

ISO standard specifies required dimensions and tolerances in the final printed data matrix symbol. In real life, however, after the code is printed the dark cells may end up greater than the light ones due to a number of factors, but, most probably, due to the excessive ink spread in dark regions - the ink may “bleed” when it comes in contact with the substrate, causing an Overprint. If this Overprint is too big (beyond the ISO standard), datamatrix decoding software may not be capable of “reading” the bar code.

This situation is illustrated by the following barcode having the dark modules well beyond the ISO standard:datamatrix excessive ink spread


This image illustrates also the other “printing” problem, which is taken care of by this Upgrade – the irregularities in the alternating pattern or even its “warping”.

Using BFR Filter allows to easily decode this bar code that is, otherwise, “not readable”.