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2DTG unveils upgrade to its Data Matrix Decoding Library – Release 15.10

Thu, 2015-10-22

This release represents major algorithmic improvement for our Data Matrix decoding library providing an increase in the success decode rate by almost 7% (as measured on our sample set of more than 3,000 Data Matrixes).  

This improvement incorporates new features, introduced for Data Matrix library in 2013-2014 – “Grid Non-Uniformity adjustment” and “image re-equalization mechanism”, but goes even further, providing additional (enhanced) full image analysis when Data Matrix symbol is found, but cannot be decoded utilizing “Regular” approach.  The “Grid Adjustment mechanism” is designed to compensate for excessive scores of Data Matrix Grid Non-Uniformity while re-equalization within the image ROI (region of interest) increases the probability of correct Data Matrix spotting in it.

Though this “Ultimate” algorithm is more time-consuming, it turned out to be very effective, particularly, on some “low quality” images.

Another changes include:

  • Library allows now to decode large images – up to 5,000x8,000 pixels
  • The number of allowed symbols within the image is up to 400 now (in multi-mode)
  • GUI interface for “Decode / Speed” selection has now 3 settings:
  • “Regular” – used to be our “best option”, providing the best Success Decode rate;
  • “Ultimate” – 7% better Success Decode rate than with “Regular”, but decoding time might be greater.
  • “Express” – Success Decode rate might be lower than with “Regular”, but the program runs faster.