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2DTG introduces DPM Android barcode decoder and SDK for Dolphin 70E and Dolphin 7800

Mon, 2015-08-24

2DTG has developed Android barcode decoder and SDK for Honeywell’s Dolphin 70E and Dolphin 7800 mobile computers powered by Android. It is designed primarily for Data Matrix DPM (Direct Part Marking), including Dot Peen, applications, but includes Decoder for other major symbologiesr, as well, for customer convenience. Dolphin 70E and 7800 with "DPM addition" demonstrates solid DPM reading performance – on par with the specialized DPM scanners in the market.

Unlike mobile Android barcode decoder introduced earlier, these applications utilize Honeywell’s scanning engine (N56xx), built in to the Dolphin platform. This makes image capturing process faster than in case of smartphones (or other mobile platforms) using camera. At the same time user can enjoy all the benefits offered by the modern mobile computer.

Combination of these “mobile computer” benefits with our Keyboard Wedge Barcode Decoder transforms this device into s a simple yet powerful, automated data-collection system for Android platforms. It provides real-time data acquisition and forwarding it to Office applications, databases, and custom built systems installed on your mobile device. No external PC or additional scanner is required for data collection!